"She was confidently swimming before she even took her first step on dry land."


New York Post

“The ocean, for me, is a place where nothing else exists,”
"Considering her disability, it's splendid to sea how the tide has changed, allowing her current passion to shine." George Takei 

Surfer Magazine 

"Glasson was taught to swim at just 3 months of age, well before she was ever walking. She took to the water like a natural despite her difficulties on land. "



"Glasson perceives danger differently than the rest of us, which combined with a preternatural swimming ability allows her to swim the impact zones of some of the world's heaviest waves.


The Huffington Post

"This Surf Photographer Was Told She Wouldn't Walk, Now She's Shooting Big Waves With No Fear"

Girls Surf Network

"Shannon breaking the glass ceiling on womens surf surf photography" 

OC Register 

“I so admire Shannon for her bravery in shooting at spots like Cape Fear. Not only is this a heavy spot to surf but the photographers that are not on jet skis take real risks getting in and out of the water,” Fitzgibbons said.



“I feel a lot more confident swimming then what I do walking around.